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Buy Cheap Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and Mtn Data Plans Online



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We have been selling data bundles at affordable prices since 2020. You can find out more about us here.

You can also purchase our affordable data plans at N300 per gb to be sure that our reseller MTN Data Bundles are genuine.

Amevng data plans


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Amevng Glo data plan 2
Glo Data Plan

At Amevng, we sell cheap Glo Data Plan that you can use to connect to the internet on any of your browsing devices. With our cheap Glo data bundles, you can also browse during the day and night unlike the Glo night plan. The Glo subscription we sell are valid for 30 days just like the regular Glo monthly data plan.

Amevng 9mobile data plan 2
9mobile Data Plans

Amevng gifts out 9mobile MoreBlaze data bundles to our customers at a cheaper rate than they can be bought directly from Network Providers. Therefore, our 9mobile subscription is amazingly cheaper than what you’d get if you buy 9mobile data bundles directly from 9mobile, Nigeria.

Amevng Airtel data plan 2
Airtel Data Plan (Monthly)

Compared to buying Airtel data plan from other places, there's no doubt that you will save a lot of money when you buy your airtel sub from Amevng. At Amevng, we have only three Airtel data packages including the 1.5GB airtel data package sold at N900, the 4.5GB Airtel data sub sold at N1800 and 6GB airtel data bundle sold at N2300 here on Amevng.

amevng airtel weekly data plans
Airtel Weekly Data Plans

Does your monthly airtel data bundle get exhausted before the week runs out? No need to worry anymore about your rising data expenses because you can now buy our cheap weekly Airtel data plans that are valid for 7 days (the airtel 6GB for 1500 weekly at N1450 and the airtel 1GB for 7 days at N480) at a very affordable price.

amevng weekly mtn data plans
Mtn Weekly Data Plans

Do your monthly data bundles get exhausted before the week runs out? No need to worry anymore about your rising data expenses because you can now buy our cheap weekly mtn data plans that are valid for 2 days (2.5GB Weekly MTN Data Plan) and 7 days (the 6GB Weekly MTN Data Plan) at a very cheap price. And this data bundle works on iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry 10 devices, Ipads, Tablets, Modems, Mifi, Wifi, Java, Symbian, etc.

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